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Hopefully the last day with bad weather

lørdag 21. maj 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today was a very windy day, because of that I couldn't open the nets. After I could not open I took my time to have some nice breakfast. When I was done eating and cleaning I went to do a bit of a seawatch. After two hours, and two great northern divers and a black throated diver I was done doing the seawatch and went to the fence for the little terns. One was already breading! Good to see that the fence works. The rest of the little terns were a bit flying around, hopefully they start breeding soon as well.

When I came back to the station, some swallows were flying low over the vegetation. Since the wind dropped, I decided to open some nets in the hope to catch them. Unfortunately, after I opened they decided to fly somewhere else. Besides two chiffchaffs and one icterine warbler nothing flew in. When the windspeed increased after lunch I closed again. Luckily I could use my afternoon off to work a bit on my internship.

Tomorrow it seems that the weather will finally improve, lets hope that it will result in some birds in the nets.

Ringing totals:

Chiffchaff (2/0)

Icterine warbler (1/0)