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Hej igen, vind

mandag 25. marts 2019
Ingen ringmærkning i dag
af Tim Micallef

Strong winds hindered the ringing this morning, and persisted throughout the day. We found some shelter in the dunes and later on the beach for some birding. There seemed to be few predated toads near the ponds, probably taken by Hooded/Carrion Crows (Gråkrage/Sortkrage). Though a relatively slow morning, we did spot 4 (3,1) Red-breasted Mergansers (Toppet Skallesluger) migrating north, plus a few Sanderlings (Sandløber), Black-headed Gulls (Hættemåge), 1 Rook (Råge) and 4-5 Snow Buntings (Snespurv). Bird species present in good numbers today include Meadow Pipit (Engpiber) and Blackbird (Solsort).

Later, a few Oystercatchers (Strandskade) were observed feeding along the coast. With quite high tide, the Herring Gulls (Sølvmåge) and Common Gulls (Stormmåge) were less numerous by the evening.

IMG 1212

Haematopus ostralegus

Folk: Bent, Tim


søndag 24. marts 2019
13 birds of 7 species
af Tim Micallef

It was sunny and calm this morning. Migration is truly unpredictable, and after the early arrival of two Blackcaps yesterday, the number and diversity of birds depends on so many variables. Wind direction has a major influence, and being south westerly today, we did not have as many birds as one would expect. However, we did record a new species, the distinctive Crested Tit. It was briefly heard, seen and subsequently ringed at the station. Having seen this species on very few occasions, it is my first in Denmark and also the very first up close. On close inspection of plumage, iris colour and wing length, it's likely a second calendar year male.

55932392 506729759856186 6632848145606770688 n

Lophophanes cristatus

Ringmærkning: 1 Dunnock (Jernspurv), 3 Blackbird (Solsort), 1 Robin (Rødhals), 1 Chiffchaff (Gransanger), 5 Goldcrest (Fuglekonge), 1 Crested Tit (Topmejse), 1 Chaffinch (Bogfinke)

Folk: Xenia, Tim


lørdag 23. marts 2019
52 birds of 12 species, including 2 Blackcaps
af Tim Micallef

This morning was rather busy ringing, once again comprising mostly of Goldcrests, Blackbirds and Dunnocks. With a majority of them in their second year, it seems that female Goldcrests arrivals are slowly increasing. Besides these, two male Blackcaps were amongst the earliest birds, both in good condition and interesting to have had - they usually do not arrive before April. Also in migration mode were the second Eurasian Treecreeper and the fifth Firecrest (male) ringed this season.

IMG 4763

Sylvia atricapilla

After the intially busy hours, Bent pressed on with some birding, sighting 3 Red-throated Divers (Rødstrubet Lom), c.400 Sanderlings (Sandløber), plenty of gulls and even a Woodlark (Hedelærke) migrating over the beach. My evening walk was lovely with Stonechat (Sortstrubet Bynkefugl), Meadow Pipit (Engpiber), Skylark (Sanglærke) and Yellowhammer (Gulspurv) calls. The few ponds in the dune area were also emitting 'calls', from numerous toads whose surface activity was noticed earlier by Bent.

IMG 1177

Emberiza citrinella

Ringmærkning: 3 Wren (Gærdesmutte), 9 Dunnock (Jernspurv), 10 Blackbird (Solsort), 6 Robin (Rødhals), 2 Blackcap (Munk), 2 Chiffchaff (Gransanger), 12 Goldcrest (Fuglekonge), 1 Firecrest (Rødtoppet Fuglekonge), 1 Eurasian Treecreeper (Træløber), 2 Chaffinch (Bogfinke), 2 Greenfinch (Grønirisk), 1 Siskin (Grønsisken)

Folk: Bent, Lars, Bjørn, Tim

Fotos: Lars og Tim

Foggy Friday

fredag 22. marts 2019
24 birds of 8 species
af Tim Micallef

The morning air was once again filled with Goldcrest and Firecrest chirps. A handful of Dunnocks and Blackbirds also made their presence known, followed by a beautiful Redwing. The light southerly breeze perhaps facilitated its arrival, the first individual seen here this season. Other thrushes such as Fieldfare (Sjagger) and Mistle Thrush (Misteldrossel) have also been recorded at Blåvand this month.

IMG 4752

Turdus iliacus

Jonas had another demonstration mid-morning, coinciding well with a variety of birds for the beginning of spring. Even with misty conditions throughout most of the day, Bullfinch (Dompap), Tree Sparrow (Skovspurv), Starling (Stær) and White Wagtail (Hvid Vipstjert) were seen or heard. The haze even caused confusion at one point, when I briefly mistook a male Chaffinch for a pinkish warbler-like bird at a distance. Otherwise we did not spot many finches...but there should be more decent weather to facilitate their migration in the remaining days of March.

IMG 4760

Prunella modularis

Ringed birds: 3 Blackbird (Solsort), 1 Redwing (Vindrossel), 2 Robin (Rødhals), 4 Dunnock (Jernspurv), 1 Wren (Gærdesmutte), 1 Chiffchaff (Gransanger), 10 Goldcrest (Fuglekonge), 2 Chaffinch (Bogfinke)

Folk: Bent, Jonas, Lars, Tim

Fotos: Lars Ejlersen

Mostly kinglets

torsdag 21. marts 2019
23 birds of 9 species
af Tim Micallef

Today's birds: 1 Blackbird, 3 Dunnock, 1 Chiffchaff, 10 Goldcrest, 2 Firecrest, 1 Blue Tit, 3 Chaffinch, 1 Siskin, 1 Common Redpoll (ssp. flammea)

Folk: Bent, Tim

Growing numbers

onsdag 20. marts 2019
50 birds of 12 species
af Tim Micallef

Apart from 10 Blackbirds and 2 Song Thrushes in the early hours, the gardens seemed full of Goldcrests this morning. In fact 20 males and 1 female Goldcrest were ringed today. Today's Regulus influx also brought two male Firecrests to Blåvand.


Regulus ignicapilla

Even with a breeze and less bright skies than yesterday, the diversity and number of birds today gave us a real spring sensation. The Firecrests were perhaps the most striking in plumage, compared to others such as a few Robins, Wrens, Chiffchaffs and Siskins we also ringed. It was also interesting to see how many of the thrushes, warblers and finches were identified and observed by a group during their ringing demonstration led by Jonas!

Today's ringing: 10 Blackbird, 2 Song Thrush, 2 Robin, 1 Dunnock, 3 Wren, 4 Chiffchaff, 2 Firecrest, 21 Goldcrest, 1 Chaffinch, 1 Greenfinch, 2 Siskin, 1 Common Redpoll

Folk: Bent, Jonas, Tim

Decent weather and busiest day so far

tirsdag 19. marts 2019
27 birds of 7 species
af Tim Micallef

Just as a promising dawn chorus indicated, the ringing started off well with numerous Blackbirds and Dunnocks. Goldcrests, Great Tits and a Blue Tit capture followed by mid-morning. A few Linnet, Siskin and Redpoll flocks were also observed from the station and the lighthouse garden, where the tree planting project needed some finishing touches in the sunshine.

By midday two 'pairs' of Siskin were ringed and released together, followed by a female Redpoll of the sub-species cabaret, sometimes referred to as the Lesser Redpoll. Apart from the new birds ringed, we also recaptured a few birds, namely a female Greenfinch ringed in a previous season.

fullsizeoutput 82e

Acanthis flammea cabaret

Later, an evening walk over the dunes plus a quick visit to the ringing lab at the station provided quite a surprise. Flushing a Woodcock (Skovsneppe) was a lovely way to end the birding for the day. Its loud flight did not last long so it hopefully roosted nearby and not within the currently noisy military training area.

IMG 1118

Ringed birds: 14 Blackbird, 4 Dunnock, 1 Goldcrest, 4 Siskin, 1 Common Redpoll (ssp. cabaret), 2 Great Tit, 1 Blue Tit

Folk: Bent, Xenia, Tim

Slow but steady return passage

mandag 18. marts 2019
Out with the old, in with the new trees
af Tim Micallef

Here it goes, my first time posting...

Following a very warm welcome and induction at the station, plus a few mentions on previous posts (tak Bent!), I need not introduce myself at length. Well, Micallef certainly does not sound Scandinavian! It's one of the commonest surnames in the much smaller, and warmer, Maltese Islands. Nonetheless, a few summer/autumn seasons in Skåne have been invaluable for my birding and ringing experience. Rest assured that compared to my home country, an array of issues ranging from transport to conservation are better managed and prioritised here, amongst other customs and attitudes I personally appreciate. Skåne is precisely where I intially got to know of Blåvand Fuglestation, having met Bent at the international bird observatory conference in Falsterbo (IBOC 2014). After plenty of online correspondence and also completing some studies back home, I am finally spending a few weeks here!

Relentless winds and precipitation have hindered the bird ringing opportunities since my arrival at the start of the month. With spring on our doorstep, passerines such as Goldcrest (Fuglekonge), Blackbird (Solsort) and Starling (Stær) have begun reaching Denmark, the latter being the most evident today with a few flocks eagerly reaching the shore. We also recorded the first Song Thrush (Sangdrossel) and Chiffchaff (Gransanger) for Blåvand this year during rather limited ringing late last week. Both were healthy individuals with high fat scores, in good condition to venture even further north.

Unfortunately this morning was too windy and unsuitable for bird ringing, so I joined some ongoing work at the lighthouse garden. It was ideal with the fresh gusts blowing through while removing some dead trees and planting new (also heavy) saplings within the helgoland trap. Apart from the Starlings I mentioned, we also heard and observed some other species, namely Stock Dove (Huldue), Common Redpoll (Gråsisken) and some Chaffinches (Bogfinke).

Tomorrow should be great with no rain or strong winds forecasted, positive news for both the birds and our monitoring. Instead of heavy rain or wind, military exercises will keep awaking me tonight - at least two hours of gunfire and bomb blasts now, honestly nothing new for me (do look up 'Malta daytime fireworks' to see what I mean).

Finally, mange tak to the local volunteers and visitors who have made me feel at home! Looking forward to meeting more people, and hopefully birds!

Blåvandshuk Fyr kommer til syne

tirsdag 12. marts 2019
Regn, regn og atter regn
af Bent Jakobsen

Det var en kortvarig glæde med det gode vejr. Allerede her til morgen havde vinden tiltaget igen og fra kl. 9 begyndte det at regne. Og det gjorde det bare i mængder resten af dagen.
Lidt trækobs kom i bogen og ringmærkning blev foretaget i den korte tid det kunne lade sig gøre.
2 hulduer var ude og vende og ellers var det meget småt.
Nettene gav kun en fugl.
Til gengæld kan vi nyde udsigten til fyret, som nu træder rigtigt flot frem efter bjergfyrene foran er blevet væltet. Nu er det næsten som i de gode gamle dage, hvor fyret også fremstod som noget specielt og særegent. Og når man kommer kørende forbi naturcentret toner det stolt frem.
Ringmærkning: jernspurv 1. I alt 1 fugl / 1 art.
Folk: Tim og Bent

Foto: Bent Jakobsen

Blavand fyr. 12. marts 2019. Foto. Bent Jakobsen. 20190312 090306


mandag 11. marts 2019
Så kan der ringmærkes
af Bent Jakobsen

ENDELIG. Ingen blæst og regn bortset fra en enkelt byge. Vinden var sydsydvestlig men meget svag, og det betød at der kunne ringmærkes igennem i dag med alle net for første gang i marts.
Det gav i alt 13 fugle og en aflæsning. Så det var en længe ventet dag med over 10 fugle, så smilene var store efter at starten på marts har budt på regn og regn og blæst og blæst.
Og årets første træløber kunne også noteres i ringskemaerne.
Lidt trækobs gav ikke rigtig noget specielt, selv om foråret kan mærkes så småt med både sildemåge og hættemåger som efterhånden er daglige. Desuden kom 3 alliker ud og vendte, et typisk forårsfænomen.
Det er dog deprimerende at der på sådan en dag efter en mild marts kun kan noteres 4 stære. En udtrækkende og 3 overflyvende. Den art har det ikke godt. Også i Blåvand by hvor stærene tidligere år altid sad på antennerne ret tidligt på sæsonen ses kun 2.
Så begyndte motorsavene også at brøle i dag, og det er bjergfyrene foran fyret som får en omgang.
Ringmærkning: gærdesmutte 1, jernspurv 7, solsort 1, fuglekonge 1, træløber 1, bogfinke 2. I alt 13 fugle / 6 arter.
Folk: Timothy og Bent

Traelober2. Foto. Tim Micallef. IMG 0879 1

Foto: Timothy MiCallef

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