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High hopes bring a bit of disappoitment

mandag 23. maj 2022
af Menno den Uijl

Today the weather allowed us to open all the nets again. With the southeastern winds we hoped for some nice birds and good amount of birds. Unfortunately, it did not deliver anything. The seawatch was also quite slow, maybe tomorrow can be more result in some nice species with the southwestern winds.

The fence on the beach is working really well, because Bent found a few nestlings of ringed plover and the second tern started breeding.

Today we ringed the 1500 bird this season. Hopefully in the last three weeks another 100 can be added. And maybe with some nice species like rosefinch and red backed shrike! To beat the best year ever, 2009, we need to catch another 1500 birds up until the 14th of June. I am afraid that we can not pull that off.

Ringing totals:

Dunnock (2/0)

Redstart (1/0)

Song thrush (1/1)

Icterine warbler (3/0)

Lesser whitethroat (0/1)

Common whitethroat (0/2)

Common chiffchaff (1/0)

Willow warbler (2/0)

Tree sparrow (1/0)

Chaffinch (1/0)

Greenfinch (2/0)

Linnet (1/0)

Lesser redpoll (1/0)

Bullfinch (2/0)

Yellowhammer (1/0)

People at the station: Bello, Bent and Menno