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The nets opened again

mandag 10. juni 2024
af Michael

This night I went out for night catching again. It was a very good night, because I caught 5 birds in total, 3 new skylarks, the wheatear from 2 days ago and a yellowhammer from last year. At the beginning of the morning I also almost managed to catch the bluethroat that has been there for the last month, but not this night yet. But one of these days I will hopefully manage to catch it, as it is singing really early close to the path.

When I came back, the wind was still too strong to open the nets, but after a few hours of sleep, I decided to open the nets because the wind decreased a lot. Right after opening the last net in the station garden, I immediately had a 1k crested tit in the net. I am absolutely fascinated by this beautiful bird, only my second time ringing it.


I also opened in the lighthouse garden, where I caught a 1k coal tit, also not a bad species for here, and for me as well! besides that I had 3 1k great tits, 1 1k blackbird, 1 2k greenfinch, a control of a songthrush, willow warbler and common whitethroat. Not a lot of birds, but for these days not too bad. Unfortunately, coming days don't look good again for opening the nets as it is windy again.