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mandag 4. september 2017
one in a race, one in steady pace!
af Christian Schano

Vejr: direction - 0 (74); speed - 3 m/s; cloud cover - 3/8; visibility - 18 km; temperature - 10.6°C

Jimmy and Henrik started out with counting today, but were later joined by David and me. We had a very quiet morning with the usual suspects. The military area was closed today (and, according to their schedule, will be till Friday), although most gulls still prefered the distant sandbanks. So, again, counting them was a challenge. This distance to the birds is also why I cannot offer a good picture from today, so I will save up my good ones from the previous days for the rainy days ahead of us. 
An early (timewise, not seasonwise) Merlin, some Arctic Skuas and two Ospreys (one during the count, the other a bit later) sweetened our morning, besides the great job, the (brilliant) weather did today. While one Osprey passed by rather normally, the other one was chased by an Arctic Skua which I found so impressive, that I created a silly name for today's blog entry.

The nets stayed closed for today, but we look forward to ring again :)

All the best, Christian